Day XX, C2C

Final blog?

So we got in St Augustine on Monday. We had our final dinner on Monday evening.

After that, we met at the pool of the Marriott right next to the Best Western where we we’re staying.

Champagne was flowing. People were chatting. I was just tired. ‘Weary’ as my good friend/daily blog follower Ottomatic said.

Bubba came over to Mur and me and started axing Mur if she was married, that he had this friend in Cincinnati…..

Mur was all like, “no. No. No.” It was time to go. I told my closest rider friends goodbye and we left.

(BTW – Big Joe, the guy on the tandem, lives in New Smyrna Beach, FL. He was planning on riding his bike home. About 80-90 miles. Good for him.)

As is Reid Family Tradition, our plan was to get up about 4 am to start driving home. It was kinda hard to get up but we weren’t too late. I guess we rolled out of St Augustine about 5.

Mur drove the whole way. I took one power-nap.

I had to have my obligatory road-trip Mt Dew with two bags of peanuts.

Before we got to Macon, GA, I started working on the final stats of the trip. We were through Atlanta when I got them published. I’m so glad I did them in the car and didn’t wait ’till I got home.

We stopped in Manchester, TN to see my cousin Melinda, who has been with me on this thing as much as anyone. The bank she works at treated me with ‘celebrity’ status.

Got home. Of course, Nita was glad to see me, as I was her. Jazzy, our cat, said, “oh”. Sweety, our other cat, said, “oh, hi”.

If they had been dogs…….

Some final thoughts:

This was an incredible event. If I had known beforehand what it would have been like, would I have done it? Absolutely!

If any of you have ideas about doing it, start planning at least 6 months ahead. Of course you’ll need a good bike/components.

Wheel choice is very important.

Saddle choice is extremely important.

Bubba told me that next year, the 10th Anniversary of the C2C, would probably be the last for him.

Plan on spending around $15,000. That would include registration/tips for the crew, transportation/hotels to San Diego, bike shipping, meals outside the ones provided, and other incidentals.

Being successful (EFI) requires two basic things: determination to get it done. And…

luck. Bobby and Dave were both really good bike riders. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t with them. I’m sure they are disappointed. I know Dave is.

One was mechanical (crash); the other, medical (UTI).

Bubba told me on the beach at St Augustine that he would do his best to get me through safely. He did.

Seemed like we stood like that for a couple of minutes.


Thanks to Nita for not only allowing me to do this but supporting me along the way.

That’s her with her mother, MeMa. She’s 91 years old.

Thanks to Chris, my son. He arranged all my nutritional supplements, even shipping some ahead for me to pick up as we went along.

Thanks to my daughter Mary. Every morning, I would send through the Strava app, a text to her that I had started my ride. And every morning she would reply back, “Have a great ride. Love you.”

Every morning.

I know my six grandchildren were following, especially G-money.


Thanks to Bubba and his crew for getting me through safely and efficiently. And fed.

And thanks to all of you guys for following this blog and encouraging me every day. It really meant a lot knowing you were reading, especially in the tough times.

I would think, “if I don’t make this, how will I explain it on the blog?”

My fingers on both hands are still tingling. Not really numb, but kinda like they have band-aids wrapped a little too tightly around them.

Neurosurgeon and biker Alan Sills says that should go away now that I don’t constantly have a death-grip on my handlebars for 5-7 hours a day.

CDL is dropping daily, now that I’ve been out of the saddle for a couple of days.

I’m gonna take my bike to MOAB later today to have them check it out. I’ll probably have them go through everything just to get it ready for the next adventure, whatever that is.

I may jump on here from time to time if I hear any news about the ride.

Otherwise, I guess this is it.